Is Anybody There?

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Thelma Barlow
Thelma Barlow (91 anni) 19 Giugno 1929 Interpreta Ena
Michael Caine
Michael Caine (87 anni) 14 Marzo 1933 Interpreta Clarence
Linzey Cocker
Linzey Cocker (33 anni) 19 Maggio 1987 Interpreta Tanya
Adam Drinkall
Adam Drinkall   Interpreta Stuart
Anne-Marie Duff
Anne-Marie Duff (50 anni) 8 Ottobre 1970 Interpreta Mum
Garrick Hagon
Garrick Hagon   Interpreta Il dottor Mewling
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Capire la morte a 10 anni

Edward è un bambino di dieci anni che vive nell'Inghilterra degli anni Ottanta. Costretto a vivere in una casa di riposo ama registrare le storie degli anziani che la abitano per cercare di capire cosa accade quando si sta per morire. Sempre più interessato all'argomento, Edward si isola sempre più, fino a quando non incontra Clarence, ultimo arrivo nella casa di riposo gestita dai genitori...

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di Peter Travers Rolling Stone

It's fitting that Michael Caine — Sir Michael since the queen wisely knighted him in 2000 — is cast here as a magician. Caine's acting wizardry should be taught at Hogwarts. Alfie, Sleuth, The Man Who Would Be King, Dressed to Kill, Educating Rita, Hannah and Her Sisters, The Cider House Rules, The Quiet American, The Dark Knight. I could go on. Caine sure does. Now, at 76, he's using the lessons of a long career to show how it's done in Is Anybody There? Oddly enough, Caine's magician — the Amazing Clarence — is losing his gifts. »

Magician’s Twisting Road Comes to Bittersweet End

di Stephen Holden The New York Times

Sooner or later it comes to this: Alfie develops senile dementia and lands in an old-age home. That unsettling thought crossed my mind while savoring Michael Caine’s portrayal of Clarence Parkinson, a grumpy old traveling magician nearing the end of his life in John Crowley’s film “Is Anybody There?” Mr. Caine’s face may have aged (he is now 76), but from the glint in his eyes and his snaggle-toothed smirk, he is still Alfie Elkins, the mischievous, devil-may-care seducer of “Alfie,” the 1966 hit film with which his name is still synonymous. »

di Betsy Sharkey The Los Angeles Times

It is a trembly and vulnerable Michael Caine that we see in "Is Anybody There?," a finely drawn and gentle British drama propelled by another of the star's unforgettable screen portraits. Caine plays Clarence, an aging magician struggling to keep hold of his dignity and his mind in the face of the pitiless approach of old age. He's been packed off to Lark Hall, an old-age home in a small seaside town, a sort of boarding house for those not far from whatever eternity awaits them. What Clarence discovers is an unexpected friendship with Edward (Bill Milner), an inquisitive but pensive 10-year-old whose family runs and lives in the house with a clientele that is forever departing. »

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