Fly Me to the Moon

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Tim Curry
Tim Curry (75 anni) 19 Aprile 1946 Interpreta Yegor (voce)
Robert Patrick
Robert Patrick (62 anni) 5 Novembre 1958 Interpreta Louie (voce)
Kelly Ripa
Kelly Ripa   Interpreta mamma di Nat (voce)
Buzz Aldrin
Buzz Aldrin   Interpreta se stesso
Trevor Gagnon
Trevor Gagnon (25 anni) 4 Settembre 1995 Interpreta Nat (voce)
Philip Bolden
Philip Bolden   Interpreta I.Q. (voce)
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Il viaggio di tre giovani mosche verso la luna, a bordo dell'Apollo 11.

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Disponibile on line da giovedì 20 novembre 2008

Cover CD Fly Me to the Moon A partire da giovedì 20 novembre 2008 è disponibile on line e in tutti i negozi la colonna sonora del film Fly Me to the Moon del regista. Ben Stassen Distribuita da Varèse Sarabande. Sono inoltre disponibili altre colonne sonore del film. altre versioni »

Space in 3-D

di Nathan Lee The Village Voice

Parents wishing to stupefy their youngest children for an hour and a half might consider plopping them in front of “Fly Me to the Moon” — but only if a fourth viewing of “Wall-E” or a second trip to “Space Chimps” or a really bright flashlight shining in their eyes is completely out of the question. “Fly Me to the Moon” bills itself as the first animated feature created expressly for 3-D. As these things go, this one goes well enough: the 3-D effects are sophisticated and incorporated into the overall design of the picture rather than trumpeted by random, poke-in-the-eye flourishes, although the movie does have an annoying habit of sneezing and burping in your face. »

di Michael Ordoña The Los Angeles Times

Fly Me to the Moon, a 3-D-animated tale of insects who want to be the first flies on the moon, seeks to instill in kids a sense of wonder at space exploration. Whether it succeeds is really in the eye of the beholder. Three young flies in 1969 hitch a ride on Apollo 11; luckily their garbage heap is near Cape Canaveral. There are sinister Russian flies and the cutest maggots in film history. Until a climactic fight scene, the film's as mild as baby shampoo. This oddly paced kids' entertainment displays flashes of intelligence -- then misspells terms on NASA control panels. »

di Thomas Sotinel Le Monde

"Fly Me to the Moon" : la mouche de la capsule Le plus joli spectacle qu'offre Fly Me to the Moon est celui d'une salle pleine d'enfants affublés de grosses lunettes, qui font le geste de saisir un objet qui passe devant leur nez. Pour le voir, il faut tourner le dos à l'écran, sur lequel est projeté un dessin animé numérique en relief. Ben Stassen, le réalisateur, a longtemps fourni en films les salles équipées en IMAX (projection hémisphérique). Il est donc au fait des ressources foraines (jets de projectiles, chutes vertigineuses. »

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