Roman de Gare

Un film di Claude Lelouch. Con Fanny Ardant, Dominique Pinon, Myriam Boyer Drammatico, durata 105 min. - Francia 2007.
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The Scenery’s Gorgeous. You Want a Plot, Too?

di A. O. Scott The New York Times

Claude Lelouch’s “Roman de Gare” is a thriller, a murder mystery and a somewhat self-conscious literary puzzle. All of that is entertaining enough, if a bit preposterous and overdone, but the twists and convolutions of the film’s beginning and end enable a middle that is dizzying domestic comedy. A sleek Citroën pulls up at a muddy, care-worn farmstead at the foot of the French Alps, and what follows is 24 hours (around half an hour as the audience measures time) of sexual, social and familial absurdity. »

di Kevin Thomas The Los Angeles Times

"Roman de Gare" -- a witty yet ultimately poignant guessing game in which nobody is quite what he or she seems -- is arguably Claude Lelouch's best film. Its title translates as "airport novel," and Lelouch pays homage to the lure of those high adventures by mining one of his typically extravagant plots for both humor and pathos, raising provocative questions of identity and of the confusion of truth and fiction. After a flurry of foreshadowing moments, the film settles on an attractive but insecure Paris hairdresser (Audrey Dana), who is ditched at 3 a. »

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