Love Comes Lately

Un film di Jan Schutte. Con Otto Tausig, Caroline Aaron, Olivia Thirlby Drammatico, durata 86 min. - Germania, Austria, USA 2007.
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Otto Tausig
Otto Tausig (98 anni) 13 Febbraio 1922 Interpreta Max Kohn
Caroline Aaron
Caroline Aaron (68 anni) 7 Agosto 1952 Interpreta Rachel
Olivia Thirlby
Olivia Thirlby (34 anni) 6 Ottobre 1986 Interpreta Sylvia
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Un film sulla capacità di amare anche a ottant'anni.

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The Mingling of Dreams and Life

di Nathan Lee The Village Voice

Max Kohn (Otto Tausig), the aging Lothario of “Love Comes Lately,” is very much like the movie itself: doddering and milquetoasty, but ultimately disarming. Blending three short stories by the Nobel laureate Isaac Bashevis Singer, the filmmaker Jan Schütte may well have made a minor classic for the retired-Jews-of-Miami set. In this admirably grown-up tale, with its keen sympathy for autumnal sentiments, he has, at the least, offered mellow counterprogramming to frivolous summer fare. Not that Max is a paragon of maturity. »

His relationships are all too real

di Robert Abele The Los Angeles Times

Fear of intimacy trumps fear of death in "Love Comes Lately," filmmaker Jan Schütte's plaintively effective merging of three Isaac Bashevis Singer short stories ("The Briefcase," "Alone" and "Old Love") into one seriocomic rumination on the battle between ageless eroticism and aged thinking. The film's protagonist is a celebrated septuagenarian Jewish writer named Max Kohn (Otto Tausig) who has real and imagined dealings with a variety of emotionally bruised temptresses: the long-suffering girlfriend (Rhea Perlman) whose caretaking zeal masks a jealous fear of abandonment, a disillusioned former student (Barbara Hershey) who makes a dispiriting lecture trip suddenly exciting, and a Cuban maid (Elizabeth Peña) in a Miami-set dream of Max's whose forthrightness alarms him. »

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Robert Abele
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Nathan Lee
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