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Szymon Bobrowski
Szymon Bobrowski (47 anni) 16 Maggio 1972 Interpreta Marcel
Tadeusz Borowski
Tadeusz Borowski   Interpreta Ojciec Wojtka
Stefan Burczyk
Stefan Burczyk   Interpreta Stary
Marta Dobecka
Marta Dobecka   Interpreta assistente negozio
Kinga Dyminska
Kinga Dyminska   Interpreta donna piangente
Henryk Golebiewski
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Hackneyed action, dialogue

di Gary Goldstein The Los Angeles Times

Didn't Kim Basinger win an Oscar not all that long ago? How an actress of her stature and ability could go from a career high like "L.A. Confidential" to a thoroughly junky thriller like "While She Was Out" is probably a story worth telling -- way more than the one slapped together for the actress' latest movie, now making a token theatrical pit stop before hitting DVD bins. Basinger stars as Della, a jumpy housewife living in gated community oblivion with her inexplicably abusive husband (a wasted Craig Sheffer) and angelic twin children. »

'Hania' warms hearts at holidays

di Kevin Thomas The Los Angeles Times

"Hania" is a shameless heart-tugger and is all the better for being so. The second feature directed as well as photographed by renowned cinematographer Janusz Kaminski, best known for "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" and "Saving Private Ryan," proves to be potent holiday fare. A young Warsaw couple, Ola (Agnieszka Grochowska) and Wojtek (Lukasz Simlat), have been asked to invite a boy from an orphanage to share Christmas with them in their flat. Self-possessed, bright and imaginative, Kacper (Maciej Stolarczyk) is an instant delight, but his presence brings up Wojtek's unhappy memories of his own childhood, when he was at the mercy of a harsh, authoritarian father. »

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Gary Goldstein
Kevin Thomas
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