Observe and Report

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Trailer Observe and Report
Il film: Observe and Report
Anno produzione: 2009
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primo piano
L'amore, il sesso e la legge all'interno di un centro commerciale
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La guardia giurata Ronnie Bamhardt riceve l'ordine di interrompere lo "spettacolo" di un esibizionista all'interno del centro commerciale in cui lavora. Ma quando Bamhardt non potrà consegnare il colpevole alla giustizia, uno scontroso detective verrà chiamato a risolvere il caso.

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di Peter Travers Rolling Stone

Listen, you fuckers, you screwheads. Here is a man who would not take it anymore. A man who stood up against the scum, the cunts, the dogs, the filth, the shit." Those are the thoughts that flicker through the head of Robert De Niro as Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver. And that's pretty much what Seth Rogen is thinking as mall security chief Ronnie Barnhardt in Observe and Report, which is — I should point out — a comedy. Funny as hell, that's how demonic it is. Imagine Scorsese directing Police Academy. »

Mall Crisis? Call Security. Then Again, Maybe Not.

di Manohla Dargis The New York Times

If you thought Abu Ghraib was a laugh riot then you might love “Observe and Report,” a potentially brilliant conceptual comedy that fizzles because its writer and director, Jody Hill, doesn’t have the guts to go with his spleen. The story, in short, turns on a psycho shopping mall security chief, Ronnie (Seth Rogen, putting the lump into lumpen proletariat), who rules his retail roost with a Taser, a trigger-hair temper and some smiley-faced sycophants. Like the pettiest of dictators, Ronnie preys on the weak in the service of power (in this case the mall itself). »

Seth Rogen is in an unlikable place as he walks on the dark side in this blackly comic film filled with mall cop ineptitude

di Betsy Sharkey The Los Angeles Times

Seth Rogen usually seems like a teddy bear -- a gangling softy with the slow-rolling walk of a big guy and a wide goofy grin, his rumbling "hey, hey, hey" of a laugh littering the bars, backrooms and bedrooms of "Knocked Up," "Superbad" and "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" just to name a few. If that's the Seth you are looking for in "Observe and Report," here's a news flash: Rogen doesn't live here anymore. This black-as-a-starless-night comedy about an off-his-meds bipolar, delusions-of-grandeur mall cop (no sweet, bumbling Kevin James anywhere in sight) with a hot "case" on his hands is like the film version of a stun gun -- so, like the Boy Scouts say (and by the way, there's no way most of them will be allowed into this hard-R movie): Be prepared. »

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