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Algenis Perez Soto
Algenis Perez Soto   Interpreta Miguel 'Sugar' Santos
Rayniel Rufino
Rayniel Rufino (32 anni) 28 Aprile 1986 Interpreta Jorge Ramirez
Joendy Pena Brown
Joendy Pena Brown   Interpreta Marcos
Richard Bull
Richard Bull 26 Giugno 1924 Interpreta Earl Higgins
Karl Bury
Karl Bury   Interpreta Rudy Hubbard
Greg D'Agostino
Greg D'Agostino   Interpreta Gregory
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Miguel Santos è un talentuoso giocatore di baseball della Repubblica Domenicana che desidera giocare nella Lega americana per guadagnare i soldi necessari ad aiutare la sua poverissima famiglia. Così a diciannove anni si trasferisce in una piccola cittadina dell'Iowa per farsi le ossa nelle leghe minori, ma dovrà lottare duramente contro i pregiudizi culturali.

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Diamond in the Rough

di A. O. Scott The New York Times

There is something undeniably noble and beautiful about the love of sports: the appreciation of grace and excellence for their own sakes, the pleasure of competition, the discipline of training. But the practice of big-time sports is often cruel and corrupt, a business built on the exploitation of young people and the peddling of impossible dreams. This basic contradiction will be in vivid evidence this weekend, during the national college basketball championships. It is also, at least implicitly, a central concern in “Sugar,” a wise and lovely new film by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck. »

A Ballplayer, Seeks a Hit, a Hit Film

di John Anderson The New York Times

WHEN Anna Boden stepped up to introduce her new movie, “Sugar,” to the opening-night crowd of the Dominican Republic Global Film Festival in November, she felt like a rookie reliever staring down at an All-Star lineup. “It was totally nerve racking,” she said. “I was introducing the film and looking out at these huge stars. Sammy Sosa. Pedro Martinez. Big Papi.” “And the president of the country,” added Ryan Fleck, her co-writer and director. But even the country's president, Leonel Fernández, would defer to the star power of his island nation's leading export: big-time baseball players. »

A young Dominican aspires to be a major league pitcher. But the film is about much more than balls and strikes. It's about self-discovery

di Kenneth Turan The Los Angeles Times

Sports is life writ large, the place where everything -- the triumph, the boredom, the despair -- gets magnified and scrutinized. The best films about sports, and the baseball-themed "Sugar" is surely one, understand that when a character says, "it's just a game, right?" the answer is both yes and no. So though "Sugar" takes place in a setting we haven't seen before, the world of aspiring young players from the Dominican Republic trying to make it in the major leagues, it would be a mistake to think of it as a sports movie. »

di Peter Travers Rolling Stone

Step up for this ground-breaking film about race, class, money, sex, isolation, the immigrant experience, lost ideals and — oh, yeah — baseball. On the surface, Sugar sounds pretty rah-rah. Miguel Santos (Algenis Perez Soto), nicknamed Sugar, is a 19-year-old poverty-row Dominican who rides his wicked curveball to a shot at the U.S. big time. Hey, it happened for Sammy Sosa and Pedro Martinez, among others. But Sugar doesn't follow the trite Hollywood game plan. Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, the filmmaking couple who share writing and directing duties, are seemingly allergic to formula. »

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