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Adam Goldberg Marley Shelton
Marley Shelton (46 anni) 12 Aprile 1974 Interpreta Madeleine
Vinnie Jones
Vinnie Jones (56 anni) 5 Gennaio 1965 Interpreta Ray Barko
Eion Bailey David Beach
David Beach   Interpreta L'intellettuale
Kelly Deadmon
Kelly Deadmon   Interpreta La donna di mondo #1
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Locandina (Untitled)

Un gallerista d'arte di Chelsea s'innamora di un pensieroso nuovo compositore musicale in questa storia comica sullo stato dell'arte contemporanea.

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The Question: Is It Art? The Answer: Ambiguous

di Stephen Holden The New York Times

Jonathan Parker’s acutely witty art-world satire, “(Untitled),” carries off a tricky balancing act. It invites us to view the fictitious avant-garde musicians, visual artists, gallery owners, collectors and critics trooping across the screen as fraudulent, self-deluded buffoons. But at the same time it takes these visionary oddballs — and the art they make, buy and sell — seriously enough to force you to examine your own reflexive skepticism. Its teasingly paradoxical attitude is personified by Adrian Jacobs (Adam Goldberg), a brooding, bearded composer whose cacophonous ensemble pieces for his trio, New Sound Ensemble, involve dropping chains into a bucket and kicking it, shredding paper, popping bubble wrap and smashing wine glasses. »

A clever skewering of the New York art and music scenes is bolstered by a strong cast, led by Marley Shelton and Adam Goldberg.

di Gary Goldstein The Los Angeles Times

As in the best movie satires, there's a solid core of truth informing director Jonathan Parker's "(Untitled)," which takes on the New York art and music worlds in one smart and funny swoop. The film, co-written by Parker and Catherine DiNapoli, strikes a mostly happy balance between observational farce and heightened reality, without defaulting to the overly broad or ridiculous just to prove a point. The filmmakers are also blessed with a strong cast, whose portrayals of the movie's various buyers, sellers and creators rarely feel forced or concocted but believably lived in. »

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