Now You See Me

di Matt Zoller Seitz The New York Times

“Look,” an unsettling, rudely funny but not entirely credible feature by the writer and director Adam Rifkin, is an ensemble narrative for the age of public surveillance.
Workplace cameras observe the likes of a convenience store clerk (Giuseppe Andrews) playing hilariously trite pop tunes for his best friend; a socially maladjusted insurance salesman (Ben Weber) enduring co-workers’ cruel pranks; an alpha male department store manager (Hayes MacArthur) enjoying back-room trysts with employees; and a sexually insatiable young woman (Spencer Redford) hatching a plan to sleep with a married teacher and soon-to-be father (Jamie McShane). [...]

di Matt Zoller Seitz, articolo completo (1471 caratteri spazi inclusi) su The New York Times 14 dicembre 2007

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Matt Zoller Seitz
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