High Life

Un film di Claire Denis. Con Robert Pattinson, Mia Goth, Juliette Binoche, Lars Eidinger, AndrÚ Benjamin.
Titolo originale High Life. Fantascienza, durata 110 min. - Gran Bretagna, Francia, Germania 2018. - Movies Inspired

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sabato 9 novembre 2019

Blackness and fluorescent colours. High Life's deep-space mirrors the depth obscure part of the human mind caged in a claustrophobic expedition into an extreme environment. Lonely, in a self-sufficient space-ship, the crew faces daily '0-gravity' problems, flying towards a massive black hole.
Claire Denis’s vision creates a sci-fi movie astonishing for its aesthetic and accuracy. It becomes a stage for an enormous test of human connection – a show of deviant and narcissistic eroticism juxtaposed to a vulnerability of fatherhood.
The film stars a complex and a-moral Juliette Binoche plays Dibs, doctor and researcher obsessed with reproduction experiments with a post-nazi-eugenic purpose to find the ultimate pair of perfect genes.
The main role is interpreted by an aseptic Robert Pattinson stars as Monte, emotionally unstable with a violent background in the act of changing for the love of his new daughter.
The narrative proceeds to destabilise the audience with extensive usage of flashbacks of the crew's members, their past on Earth and the day to day life on board.
In the end, Monte and his daughter remain the only individuals alive on a mission that recruited convicted murderers as test subjects. They had to survive for a long period hoping to find their way home.
Peculiar elements are the rainbow-aseptic palette of colours and the suspenseful music score that traps the audience into an escape less experience acting to immerse, or roughly submerge the spectators in the magic of absences – the weak gravity that allow you to floating, the silence of the un-oxygen space, cube-rooms illuminated by lights of different stars.
High Life is an amazing journey through contrasting emotions, with a plot not entirely original - thinking about Moon (2009) and Interstellar (2014) or most recently First Man (2018) and Ad Astra (2019) – however, it’s subtle in matching the exciting essence of space films as loneliness and the theme of the Unknown with unconventional human behaviour, with a pinch of uncontrolled violence and Freudian sexuality.

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