Man from Plains

Un film di Jonathan Demme. Con Jimmy Carter Documentario, Ratings: Kids, durata 120 min. - USA 2007.

On the Road to Legacy With an Ex-President

di Manohla Dargis The New York Times

Jimmy Carter isn’t a real saint, but he plays one in a new documentary. That film, “Jimmy Carter Man From Plains,” was directed by Jonathan Demme and is a friendly, at times fawning, at times gaga 126-minute chronicle of the former president’s 2006 national book tour to promote and occasionally defend his best seller “Palestine Peace Not Apartheid.” Much like its subject, the film is approachable and tonally unmodulated. It delivers even its loudest, most contentious points in a quiet, measured, indoor voice. [...]

di Manohla Dargis, articolo completo (4441 caratteri spazi inclusi) su The New York Times 26 ottobre 2007

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Man from Plains | Indice

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