Bob Funk

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Rachael Leigh Cook
Rachael Leigh Cook (40 anni) 4 Ottobre 1979 Interpreta Ms. Thorne
Robert John Brewer
Robert John Brewer   Interpreta Brewer
Jules Bruff
Jules Bruff   Interpreta Ms. Agnew
Michael Leydon Campbell
Michael Leydon Campbell   Interpreta Bob Funk
Ron Canada
Ron Canada (71 anni) 3 Maggio 1949 Interpreta Smiley
Christina Elizabeth Cavallero
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Dopo essere stato licenziato - da sua madre - Bob Funk decide di smettere di bere, di andare da un terapista e trovare un nuovo lavoro, presso un capo che potrebbe essere la donna dei suoi sogni.

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Futons for Sale (Depression Is Free)

di Nathan Lee The Village Voice

“Bob Funk” looks like a comedy, acts like a comedy and sounds like a comedy, but it isn’t funny. This is a problem in a movie that aims for laughs. It’s also part of the point. “Bob Funk” has sadder things on its mind. Written and directed by Craig Carlisle, the film stars Michael Leydon Campbell as the loudmouth, alcoholic Bob, the most disaffected employee of the family business, a high-end bedding emporium called Funk Foam and Futon. Bob straggles in with hangovers only to hit on customers or pass out. »

Michael Leydon Campbell stars in Craig Carlisle's tale of an emotionally bruised guy who turns himself around -- like the film. With Rachael Leigh Cook

di Gary Goldstein The Los Angeles Times

If you can get through the tedious first half of "Bob Funk," there's actually a decent little character study waiting on the other side. It's a lot to ask, though, because watching the film's obnoxious title character (Michael Leydon Campbell) self-destruct for nearly an hour in a haze of booze, one-night stands and vile manners is not only unpleasant but also, for an intended comedy, exceedingly unfunny. However, once Bob hits bottom after being demoted from sales VP to janitor at the futon store run by his tough-love mom (a terrific Grace Zabriskie), he starts turning around his life -- and the movie along with it. »

Bob Funk | Indice

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Nathan Lee
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