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Drake Bell
Drake Bell (34 anni) 27 Giugno 1986 Interpreta Kevin Brewer
Kevin Covais
Kevin Covais (31 anni) 30 Maggio 1989 Interpreta Morris
Andrew Caldwell
Andrew Caldwell   Interpreta Carter
Haley Bennett
Haley Bennett (32 anni) 7 Gennaio 1988 Interpreta Kendall
Nick Zano
Nick Zano (42 anni) 8 Marzo 1978 Interpreta Teague
Zach Cregger
Zach Cregger (39 anni) 1 Marzo 1981 Interpreta Cooper
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Tre diplomandi visitano un college locale come matricole, in vista del migliore weekend della loro vita.

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Student Weekend of Raunch and Geek Empowerment

di Laura Kern The New York Times

Pity today’s teenage audience. Their latest cinematic temptation is yet another tiresome fraternities-are-wild offering in which three high school seniors take a weekend trip to a promising college campus and have, like, a totally insane time. With its rapid-fire bombardment of one gross-out moment after the next, Deb Hagan’s “College” strains to sell itself as one crazy ride (raging parties! hot lesbian sex! bare breasts!), and chances are it won’t disappoint those looking solely for unadulterated raunch. »

The film is heavy on raunch and light on actual comedy or originality

di Gary Goldstein The Los Angeles Times

Take equal parts "Superbad," "Animal House" and "Risky Business"; extract the wit, charm and originality; mix in as much beer, human excrement and upchuck as logistically possible; sprinkle liberally with nudity, homophobia and sexism; and you'll have the recipe for "College," a tedious, by-the-numbers raunchfest that exists strictly because it can. Directed by newcomer Deb Hagan from Dan Callahan and Adam Ellison's grab-bag script, the movie also proves an unfortunate big-screen choice for appealing TV star Drake Bell (Nickelodeon's "Drake & Josh"), who plays Kevin, a buttoned-up high schooler who takes off for a wild weekend at a nearby college to help shed his nice-guy image. »

College | Indice

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