Meet the Browns

Un film di Tyler Perry. Con Tyler Perry, David Mann, Tamela J. Mann, Angela Bassett, Lance Gross Commedia, Ratings: Kids+13, durata 100 min. - USA 2008.
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Tyler Perry
Tyler Perry (51 anni) 13 Settembre 1969 Interpreta Madea/Joe
David Mann
David Mann (54 anni) 7 Agosto 1966 Interpreta Leroy Brown
Tamela J. Mann
Tamela J. Mann   Interpreta Cora Brown
Angela Bassett
Angela Bassett (62 anni) 16 Agosto 1958 Interpreta Brenda
Lance Gross
Lance Gross (39 anni) 8 Luglio 1981 Interpreta Michael
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Brenda, una donna single che vive a Chicago, un giorno riceve la notizia della morte del padre che non ha mai conosciuto. Decisa a partecipare ai funerali, si reca in Georgia, dove conosce la famiglia di suo padre e trova l'amore.

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Serving a Buffet of Morality and Humor

di A. O. Scott The New York Times

The Court Street 12-plex in Brooklyn is a perfectly ordinary movie theater, a vertically arranged variation on what is found in suburban shopping malls throughout the land. It is a place to watch Hollywood blockbusters in stadium seating with a concession-stand combo special in your lap. The crowds, though, are anything but generic, thanks to the cinema’s location. It’s an easy trip from both brownstones and housing projects, a short walk from the blue-collar Fulton Street Mall and the gentrified retail strips of Court and Smith Streets south of Atlantic Avenue. »

The writer-director's latest is elevated by Angela Bassett's performance

di Mark Olsen The Los Angeles Times

The films (and videos and plays and book and television show) created by Tyler Perry have always been first and foremost about brand formation and management more so than any conventional notion of cultivating an artistic voice. People now know what they are going to get when they purchase a Tyler Perry product -- contemporary, faith-based morality tales tailored to comfort and confirm the values of an African American audience -- and as the director, producer and writer of "Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns," he dutifully serves up more of the same. »

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Mark Olsen
A. O. Scott
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