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domenica 1 agosto 2021

Graham Greene

Data nascita: 2 Ottobre 1904 (Bilancia), Berkhamsted (Gran Bretagna)
Data morte: 3 Aprile 1991 (86 anni), Corseaux-sur-Vevey (Svizzera)

The New York Times

Terrence Rafferty

THE British novelist Graham Greene was a connoisseur of human frailty: he savored the bouquet of sin. He was, unlike most of his countrymen, Roman Catholic, and unlike most practitioners of the literary arts, entirely comfortable with the movies. His religious affiliation was well known, to the point where, at the height of his fame, he bristled at being labeled a “Catholic writer.” His relationship to film was pretty visible too; almost all his 25 novels and many of his short stories were turned into movies or television shows (several of them more than once), and for some of the best of them, like Carol Reed’s classic “Third Man” (1949), he was also the screenwriter.
Both his Catholicism and his movie-friendliness are in full cry in John Boulting’s terrific 1947 gangster picture, “Brighton Rock,” which Greene adapted from his own novel and which starts a week’s run at Film Forum in Manhattan on Friday. [...] »


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