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martedì 22 giugno 2021

Jia Zhangke

Altri nomi: ZhangKe Jia
51 anni, 24 Maggio 1970 (Gemelli), Fenyang (Cina)

The New York Times

Dennis Lim

IN the movies of Jia Zhang-ke, it can often seem that all of modern China is a ready-made film set. Either that or Mr. Jia has an uncanny gift for the metaphorically charged location. His films have taken place within the plastic confines of an Epcot-like Beijing theme park (“The World”), amid the forlorn public spaces of a declining post-industrial city (“Unknown Pleasures”) and in an ancient riverside town that is about to disappear underwater (“Still Life,” which won the top prize at the 2006 Venice International Film Festival and which opened in New York on Friday).
The story of a man and a woman on parallel quests to find their long-lost spouses, “Still Life” is set in Fengjie, 150 miles upstream from the Three Gorges Dam, the hydroelectric project on the Yangtze River that submerged thousands of towns and villages and displaced more than a million people. [...] »


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