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Documentario sull'ipocrisia di alcuni politici americani che, con la complicitÓ dei media, offuscano i diritti della comunitÓ gay schierandosi contro, mentre in privato coltivano atteggiamenti sessuali contrastanti.

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Secret Lives in the Age of Gay Rights

di A. O. Scott The New York Times

With horror-movie music and stark white-on-gray titles, ôOutrageö promises to illuminate a ôbrilliant conspiracyö that protects the secret lives of some powerful politicians while ensuring that the rights and interests of ordinary gay and lesbian Americans remain marginal. The choice of the word conspiracy may be deliberately provocative, but this indignant and methodical new documentary, directed by Kirby Dick, offers a lot of insight into the ideology and psychology of present-day political homophobia. »

di Kenneth Turan The Los Angeles Times

Outrage" is a title that demands to be broken into two parts: "out" and "rage." A powerful and disturbing documentary by Kirby Dick, it examines one of the most unexpected dynamics in contemporary American politics: the existence of right-wing, family-values conservative Republicans who are alleged to be closeted gays themselves. It's a film that will cause a lot of talk, but its most compelling aspects are not its most obvious ones. A much more focused and forceful piece of muckraking than Dick's last effort, "This Film Is Not Yet Rated," "Outrage" cuts crisply between news footage and interviews with nearly 40 subjects, including journalists, politicians and activists. »

di Peter Travers Rolling Stone

This incendiary documentary "outs" allegedly gay politicians who oppose gay rights in order to keep their sexual identities in the closet. Whatever you think of the pushy methods of Oscar-nominated filmmaker Kirby Dick (Twist of Fate, Sick, This Film Is Not Yet Rated) to examine the likes of Idaho's Larry Craig, Florida's Charlie Crist and Dubya's campaign manager Ken Mehlman, you can't deny the grave implications of the blatant hypocrisy on display. This film is a muckraking provocation whose time has come. »

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